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Matters of attention when taking melatonin
May 08, 2018

1. Strictly follow the dosage of the product prescribed in the product label and take the dose and time taken.

2. Don't be superstitious to import melatonin products. Melatonin is a kind of health food, whether domestic or foreign imported raw materials, as long as the quality standard is qualified, the health food approval number approved by the Ministry of health, are qualified products, the effect is the same.

3, taking melatonin can not take aspirin at the same time.

4. When taking melatonin, it is best not to smoke, because smoking can destroy melatonin. You can't drink a lot at the same time.

5. The health function approved by the Ministry of health has only improved sleep function. The literature about other health functions of melatonin needs further verification.

Unfit for the crowd

Melatonin does have a good effect on improving sleep and immune regulation, but it is not applicable to everyone. Improper use is counterproductive. The following people should take the melatonin carefully.

1. minors

2. pregnant women

3. patients with heart and brain disease

4. patients with liver and kidney insufficiency

5. anaphylaxis