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The hydrolysis of sodium acetate in aqueous solution is alkaline
May 08, 2018

Acetic acid is a weak acid, the hydrolysis of sodium acetate in aqueous solution is alkaline, and after water dilution, although the equilibrium of hydrolysis is shifted right, it appears that the concentration of OH- increases, but it should be clear that the concentration of each particle (CH3COO-, CH3COOH, OH-) in the equation of hydrolysis equilibrium is reduced (except H2O), and the root is the root after the water is diluted. According to the principle of "Le", the chemical equilibrium can not change this reduction, but only moves towards the direction of "decreasing this change". So the concentration of OH- is still lower. In fact, the alkaline solution will be reduced by the alkaline solution after water dilution, so C (OH-) decreases, and then according to the fixed temperature of the ion product as the fixed value, C (H+) rises.

When acetic acid was added, the hydrolysis equilibrium shifted to the left, so C (OH-) decreased, and the C product (H+) increased according to the ion product of the fixed temperature.

We should pay attention to judge the order of two ion concentration changes.