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The regulating ability of sodium acetate
May 08, 2018

1, sodium acetate has the strongest regulation ability. Its pH value of water solution is as high as 12, which can greatly improve the water holding capacity of meat products.

2. In the water holding study of meat products, a comparison test was made between cooked sausage and non phosphate. Through the analysis of different pH values, it was found that by adding 0.25% acetate, the water holding capacity of meat products could be improved obviously. When the different polyacetate monomers were compared, the sodium acetate increased meat. The water holding capacity of the products is the highest. Between 10%~20%, six acetate is between 5%~15%, when the acetate and pectin are injected into the chicken breast in a certain proportion, it is found that the water holding capacity and softness of the product is significantly higher than that of the chicken breast with acetic acid only after adding a certain amount of pectin.

3, in addition, the effect of polyacetate on the change of meat quality is also very obvious. By adding polyacetate to PSE (pale, soft, exudative) meat, normal meat products, and DFD (dark, firm, dry) meat, the water holding capacity, color, pH value and texture of the meat products are improved obviously. Increasing the water holding capacity of poultry can also significantly improve the softness of seafood.

4. We can see from the data at home and abroad that no effect has been made on the effect of polyacetate on the water holding capacity of meat products.