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The use of sodium acetate in feed
May 08, 2018

As for sodium acetate, it may not be very familiar to everyone. In the chemical reaction, calcium acetate is reacted with soda to produce sodium acetate, and the reaction solution is concentrated to 26 Be and decolorizing with activated carbon, then cooling and crystallizing and centrifugation. May as well take a look at the following article.

1, acidifying agent: can reduce the pH value of the animal gastrointestinal tract, increase the activity of pepsin, improve the utilization rate and conversion of feed and the biological utilization of minerals and vitamins; it is easy to absorb moisture and increase the amount of medicine.

2, bacteriostatic agent: can inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms in the intestinal tract of animals, increase immunity; but the seeds should be small and crystalline.

3, preservatives: can inhibit the proliferation of bacteria in feed storage, and prolong the storage time of feed.

Sodium acetate is not only used in feed, but also used in other industries.