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There are many methods of producing sodium acetate anhydrous
May 08, 2018

There are many methods for producing anhydrous sodium acetate, which can be obtained by using dilute acetic acid or calcium acetate and soda ash, and can also be decomposed by sodium sulphate and calcium acetate. In industry, the residue of pharmaceutical factories and perfume factories is often used to recover sodium acetate. Pour 628kg dilute acetic acid into the reactor and divide the 200kg soda into the reactor. Do not stir and drive the air blower to pump gas. After the reaction is stable, the stirring is carried out, so that the soda and acetic acid are fully reacted, then the evaporator is heated and concentrated until the liquid density is 1.24g/cm3. The reaction fluid was filtered into the crystallizer, and the Ph value was adjusted by NaOH to 9.2, and then cooled to 35 degrees centigrade. The surface mother liquor was removed and dried and crystallized to obtain 350kg white powder product. The one yield is about 70%.