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Chemical Reaction Of Sodium Acetate
May 08, 2018

You may often hear or see sodium acetate, but only physical contact, the chemical information about it can be understood by reaction, and then some information is introduced to you.

1. Various chemical reactions

1. Methane extraction

(1) the reactant: sodium acetate, alkali lime;

(2) conditions: heating;

(3) explain: the lime CaO does not take part in the reaction. Its effect is to remove the water in NaOH, to reduce the effect of NaOH and glass, to prevent the cracking of the test tube, and to make the reaction mixture loose and facilitate the discharge of methane gas.

2. Concentrated sulfuric acid

(1) conditions: heating;

(2) phenomenon: the production of excitant gas is a metathesis reaction.

(3) Description: This is a method for producing relatively pure acetic acid in the laboratory.

Two, simple preparation

(1) utensils: soda ash, vinegar, containers (such as discarded beverage bottles, pop cans), plastic bars and small spoons.

(2) steps:

1. Pour 2 teaspoons of vinegar into the container and add half a spoon of soda.

2. Stir the plastic bar evenly to make it dissolve as much as possible.

Third, deal with the experimentation area, dumping the experimental waste liquid diluted by 1:10, so as not to pollute the environment.

(3) phenomenon: a large number of bubbles spilled quickly, and the soda ash was gradually dissolved.

(4) advantages: the method is simple and the material is easy to find, so you can experience the pleasure of experiment at home.