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How Do You Scientifically Add Melatonin?
May 08, 2018

First, the method and time are emphasized. Melatonin can be rapidly disintegrated and absorbed in the stomach. The time taken for melatonin is one hour before bedtime. If you want to achieve faster results, please open the capsule and use warm water to deliver it. Second, master the appropriate amount of melatonin supplementation. Different ages, different physique, different living habits and different health status, the amount of supplementary use is different. The survey shows that the adjustment of the biological clock with melatonin is different from the same individual and the same individual. Most people can play the role of adjusting the circadian clock in the human body and get better sleep results.

Reasonable use of melatonin is a prerequisite for ensuring the full use of melatonin. Everyone has his own unique place for taking melatonin.

There are mainly the following cases:

(1). Insomniacs take the sleeping pills for a long time

Although hypnotic drugs have sedative and hypnotic effects, because of their inherent dependence (addiction) and serious toxic and side effects, insomniacs are eager to use melatonin hormone instead of sleeping pills to recover their natural sleep state. In this case, it should not be too urgent, it should adopt the incremental subtraction method, that is, to maintain the dosage of sleeping pills first, increase the use of melatonin to improve the quality of sleep, and gradually reduce the dosage of sleeping pills, so that the tendency of sleeping drugs in the body is weakened and disappeared, at this time, melatonin The role of hormone hormone is fully displayed.

(2). Cause insomnia due to pain, scratching and other symptoms.

Pain, itching, asthma, frequent urination and diarrhea are all symptoms due to physical illness. These symptoms provide information for timely diagnosis and treatment of disease. However, the continuous stimulation of the brain by the symptoms will affect the normal sleep process, resulting in difficulty in sleeping and waking up. In this case, taking sleeping pills often affects the observation of the disease. Therefore, it is better to use melatonin to help sleep.

(3). There is a bad mood.