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Matters Of Attention In The Experimental Process Of Sodium Acetate
May 08, 2018

1. A sodium acetate supersaturated solution was prepared in a 500 milliliter beaker with 250 grams of sodium acetate (CH3COONa. 3H2O) and 150 milliliter distilled water, which was heated by a small fire and stirred continuously to make it completely dissolved. Filter the solution into the 500 ml clean and dry flat bottomed flask while hot. The solution can not be dripped into the neck of the flask. After cooling, use a clean rubber stopper to cover the mouth of the bottle.

2, the preparation of sodium thiosulfate solution of 250 grams of sodium thiosulfate crystal (Na2S2O3. 5H2O) was placed in a dry and clean flat bottomed flask and heated in water bath to dissolve it in the crystalline water. Cool down and use the clean rubber stopper to cover the bottle mouth tightly.


A small crystal of the same solute is poured into the bottle to make the crystal quickly fill the whole flask.

Four. The matters needing attention in the experiment process:

1, crystal seed should be small and crystal shape is better, so crystal growth is slow and the phenomenon is clear.

2, sodium acetate crystals are easy to absorb moisture, and the quantity of drugs can be increased appropriately.