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The Application Of Sodium Acetate
May 08, 2018

The application of sodium acetate is very extensive, it is often used in industry and in our life, and the next is the application of it in our life.

1. It is used as an organic synthetic esterifying agent, as well as photographic medicine, medicine, printing and dyeing mordant, buffer, chemical reagents, meat anticorrosion, pigment, tanning and so on. It can be used to produce various chemical products, such as furan acrylic acid, acetic ester and chloroacetic acid.

2. As a buffer for seasoning, it can relieve bad smell and prevent discoloration. It has a certain anti mildew effect. It can also be used as an acidifying agent for sauce, sauerkraut, mayonnaise, fish cake, sausage, bread, sticky cake and so on. It is mixed with methyl cellulose and phosphate to improve the preservation of sausage, bread and sticky cake.

3, if the purity requirements are not high, the ingredients in the kitchen can be made:

(1) take vinegar (vinegar or white vinegar, rice vinegar) and add it to NaHCO3 or Na2CO3 until it does not bubble.

(2) the liquid produced is sodium acetate liquid. If we want to make solid, we need to evaporate the liquid.

(3) when storing, note that sodium acetate is easy to absorb moisture and pay attention to sealing.