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Wastewater Treatment With Anhydrous Sodium Acetate
Jul 12, 2018

Anhydrous sodium acetate has been widely used in the chemical industry because of its own properties, and this substance is also used in sewage treatment. What is the specific application of this product in sewage treatment? The following article for you to explain in detail, let's learn about it. At present, methanol, starch, anhydrous sodium acetate and other external carbon sources are commonly used in wastewater treatment of low carbon source in sewage treatment plant. Methanol and anhydrous sodium acetate are all degradable substances, and do not contain nutrients (such as nitrogen). Phosphorus), decomposed without leaving any intermediate products that are difficult to degrade. However, starch is a polysaccharide structure, which takes a long time to hydrolyze into small molecular fatty acids, and its solubility in water is poor, and it is not easy to be completely dissolved in water, which is easy to cause problems such as residue and excessive sludge floc, etc. Using anhydrous sodium acetate as an additional carbon source to solve the problem of carbon deficiency in low carbon and high nitrogen wastewater and to improve the denitrification level in denitrification stage has been applied in many wastewater treatment plants and a good treatment effect has been obtained. Because of the fire risk of methanol, the anhydrous sodium acetate will be more suitable as an additional carbon source for the renovation of some new sewage treatment plants or existing sewage treatment plants with limited land use and the expansion project. There are no specific design specifications and standards for this product. In order to realize denitrification effect, the safe operation of wastewater treatment plant should be ensured. Through the explanation in this paper, we can generally understand the application method and application value of this product in sewage treatment. This anhydrous sodium acetate is widely used not only in the chemical industry, but also in many other industries. I hope the explanation in this article will be helpful to everyone.